Something about Simone

Simone Mayer er student fra Tyskland.
Simone Mayer er student fra Tyskland.

Hello everyone

(or to say it in the german way: «Hallo ihr Lieben»),

my name is Simone, I´m 22 years old and I´m studying «Heilpädagogik» at the Catholic University in Freiburg. I live in Freiburg in a flat with some other young people who also study. But I´m grown up in a little beautiful village in the Black Forest where we have almost as much nature as you have here (just the wonderful lake is missing).

Something else about me?

I have one older brother and I really love my family and friends. So I´m missing them a little bit but it will get better. In my freetime I like to waist my time with anything that has to do with sports/activity (especially soccer) but also I like to hang up with my friends and relax. Furthermore I enjoy cooking, baking or just be outdoor and relish the great nature.

The main reason for my stay here in Norway at the PMF is to experience something new in a different culture with different people. But it´s also part of my studies. Therefore I have to work one semester and I decided to spend this working-time abroad. I always loved Scandinavia and it´s wonderful countryside, so I searched for institutions with the help of the internet and found this lovely place right here 🙂

In the past I have worked a lot in different institutions but this will be a really special experience I think. I´m looking forward to get more and more introduced in all the processes going on here and to find my place in the system.

My first impression is really positive. The people here are pretty friendly, helpful and sincere and I felt comfortable from the first moment til now. Furthermore the PMF, it´s buildings, structure and programmes are very nice and exctiting. Some things I have never done before and every day keeps it´s own adventure.

To eat four times a day, the times when you eat and some things that you use to eat are a little different to the german culture and it took some time to adjust to this rituals.

The only really «problem» right now is the norwegian language. I already practiced some phrases a month ago in Germany, but to stay here and be surrounded with «norske» the hole day is harder then I imagined. But I´m hopeful that it will get better day after day 😉

At least I only can say: «Let´s have a great time together and enjoy each moment, then the sun will always shine for us!!»

Ha det bra!




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