Rebeca Cacho Lapeña er volontør fra Spania.
Rebeca Cacho Lapeña er volontør fra Spania.

PMF-kaféen:  this wonderful place where you can enjoy  by all your senses.

The taste. All the cakes are delicious. When I arrive I have serious problems to choose just one (carrot-cake, cheese cake, Oreo cake, chocolate cake….) For that reason, sometimes I ate two!

Also, you can take pizza, croissants, etc. and you can drink coffee and some tee too!

The smell. When you cross in the door, just you can think in chocolate. There are some chocolates mixed with other ingredients. I´m sure they will be than good as their smell…

The view.  Spanish people (and maybe the rest of the world), we said: “we eat with the eyes”.  I agree, because everything looks very good!  You can see various colors and textures from de cakes. They are decorating with almonds, cream, jam . . .

The sense on hearing. For me, the most difficult sound to heard in Norway is the Norwegian language.  I try to put all my attention when the people speak with me, but I don’t understand anything! Well, I have to confess; maybe I can understand two words from a speech. I hope to improve it. I am sure, I will get it, because I would like so much be more interactive in the school.

The last one, the touch.  Difficult to explain and easy to think.

Just I would like to congratulate all the students and teachers who make possible this place.




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  1. Jeg vil sende en stor hyllest til redaksjonen og journalister i Pederen!! Før var fredager den store pedern dagen da skoleavisa bare kom ut ukentlig. Jeg er glad i papir aviser men har blitt stor fan av Pedern i digital utgave! Nå koser jeg meg med skoleavisa hver dag. Det legges ut aktuellt stoff så ofte at hvis en skal følge med ,bør en ta en titt innom Pedern hver dag.
    God helg ønskes av Hanne Fjelly

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