On-arrival seminar in Romarheim

Till Lentzen er volontør fra Belgia.
Till Lentzen er volontør fra Belgia.

Last time I wrote about the fact that the volunteers were going to Romarheim to meet other volunteers in the beautiful country of Norway.

So on monday the 5th we took the plane to Bergen and arrived there around midday. We decide to not put our backpacks away into lockers, so we decide to not go far and enjoy the sun. Then we looked for the bus and were happily greeted by other volunteers. After an one hour (or something like this) busride in the marvelous landscape of Hordaland we arrived in Romarheim. We got off the bus and had to walk for fifteen minutes before we arrived in an old-fashioned schoolbuilding. There we realized, that three persons were still missing: the Stella Polaris guys (Stella Polaris is a theatre group and a lot more).

We started the dinner without them, but we soon noticed, that it was not ready and after a few getting-to-know each other exercices we made pizza. Sounds easy, but we weren’t allowed to speak during the preparations. A challenge all of us mastered and everyone was happy with his part of pizza (there was enough for everyone). Then the Stella Polaris guys arrived and we all noticed their energy potential. They used the spare time to run around, sing, make acrobatics and a lot of enjoyable things. At first the group was a bit afraid, because they didn’t care about what other may think about them, but after a while some of us took confidence and joined them in their (some may describe it as childish) plays. No one can ignore the fact that they helped breaking the ice between all of us.

The first evening was quickly over and only a few people stayed long enough awake to play a game of dice.

The next morning we had breakfast (at first it was a bit meager, but as soon as we asked for something more we got it the next morning, which means that it was constantly improving). One of the first activities we did was about our hopes and fears for the upcoming year in Norway. We had to make a boat (that was supposed to swim) and discuss in small groups the fears and hopes we have.

1st boat





Those were the five boats (one swam perfectly, two capsized and two sank).

This was only one of the many activities we did. We had an activity about teamwork, where we found out, how people think and act and how to use these skills in a group/team. Also a very important «lesson» about conflict resolution (and prevention if possible).

One day we went all together to Bergen, where it was untypically raining (*hust). In the morning we had a guided tour around and into Bryggen, the afternoon we were released in the city to roam around and discover on our own the secrets of Bergen.

After the seminar we went to the airport and and got the important information, that our flight has been deleted because of fog, after a first stress we got a free hotel night in Quality Hotel Edvard Grieg (the night costs around 1240 NOK), the breakfast was included. No better way to compensate five volunteers. We decided to go back to Bergen and explore a bit more the city and got home in the evening (we made pizza for dinner…).

This has been our trip to Romarheim and Bergen.

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