Hei! Jeg heter Mieke

Hei hei !

Jeg heter Mieke og kommer fra Tyskland. Jeg snakker tysk, engelsk og litt norsk. Nå jeg er volontør på Peder Morset folkehøgskole. Jeg er på Flexi og på hus 5.

Well, thats nearly everything I can say in norwegian until now…but I really really want to learn more!  (So when you see me, shout as many new norwegian words at me  as you can, please 😉 )

I´m from lower saxony, Osnabrueck, a little city in the north of Germany. When I say little I mean a city with 160.000 inhabitants, which is not that big for Germany. It is very interesting for me to live for a while at a place like this, where you can find that much beautiful nature and that few people. Hence it is also not that easy to learn that the next little supermarket is about 9km away, but I think that I´m getting used to this very fast.

At home I really liked to play the saxophon, play theater and to play volleyball with many different young people from my city or from other countries like Syria or Afghanistan. I´m also looking really forward to the next year, because I love to be in the nature, to bicycle, to run, to hike, to sit at a warm fire and and and…

I´m very happy to have the possibility to stay here in Norway for a long time with you and hope (and I´m pretty sure about this) that we will have a great year together!

Ha det bra!


Mieke Hoschek – Volontør 2017/2018

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