Easter holidays !


During easter holidays, the volunteers, me and some friends was in Lofoten. It was the first time there for all of us. We was not disappointed. Everything its amazing, the landscape manage to stop yours breath. We were lucky because the wether was not so bad, some times it snowed a lot but half hour later it was a nice sun, we could see everything again. When its raining or snowing there you can see nothing.


We also saw Northern light, this was also very breathtaking. We were outside just enjoying this wonderful phenomenon.


We visit all Lofoten, we rent a car it was easier for travel on islands. With my visitor we also rent a small boat for fish on the ocean between the fjord, it was very nice and also very funny. My visitor doesn’t know to swim, she was always afraid that we fall of from the boat.


I also discovery this speciality from Lofoten, the dry fish. Everywhere you can found some fish drying, the smell of this is not so nice, I also try and the taste it’s like the smell. One advice for you, you should try for fun but don’t do reserve you are not going to want this everyday, my visitor nearly vomit …. :p

12439110_10208976922211369_2329852728529494936_n    12473804_10208976909651055_3643487642295647772_o



Adebra ! 🙂


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