A French volunteer in Norway

Marianne Kerleaux

Jeg heter Marianne og jeg kommer fra France, nå bor i Selbustrand. Jeg snakker englesk og fransk. And I will continue in english because I don´t speak norvegian yet, but I´m trying to learn it. I leave france to come in Norway since two weeks, I miss bread and cheese so first advice for a french person who want to go in Norway, bring some bread and some cheese, and don´t think that brunost it´s cheese, it´s not, it´s more like caramel, it´s very tayste but it´s not cheese.

But it´s a Nice country, a cold country but a nice one. Nobody in France can say that «I´m living next to a huge lake and next to a huge forest «, the landscape is really beautiful.

I´m living with Mike, Dario and Laurenz and of course everybody can speak german except me, because I´m unlucky, but they tried to speak more english so it´s nice. I´m waiting for Maria Elena and I hope she don´t speak german to.

In France I lived in a small city, not next to Paris, in the middle of the France. It call  «Nevers».

I´m in «art and handcrafting».

If you want to learn more about me just ask.


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