3,908 Miles From Home

It was never in the cards for me to study abroad, let alone to Norway. Traveling to Norway, especially to Peder Morset folkehøgskole, is a once in a lifetime experience. I knew that if I did not seize the opportunity to travel abroad, I would regret it. Now, a year later, here I am writing an article for the Peder Morset newspaper. Peder Morset folkehøgskole, is a transitional school for students with and without special needs. Students typically stay at Peder Morset for a year, unless they apply for the work training program and continue for a second year. Peder Morset does an incredible job of including people of all abilities, never separating students based on ability, and allowing each student to succeed. It is inspiring to see how the students treat each other with kindness and acceptance.

In the short two weeks that I have been at Peder Morset, I have learned countless lessons about myself. From the students, I have learned to smile more. The students at Peder Morset have been so welcoming and kind. I have appreciated every person who has taken the time to talk with me, and show me around. I’ve worked in the arts and handcrafts subject for most of my time here. I learned how to knit and have created awesome works of art that I get to bring home. It has been incredible to see the passion every student has for their work.

The best part of being here is the scenic views I wake up to every morning. It is hard to feel homesick when I am so spoiled with the beautiful mountains and cotton candy sunrises. Norway never stops surprising me with all it’s beauty.

Next, back to Oslo for my last stretch of Norwegian adventures!

Until next time, Norway.

Eliana Rivera, Augustana University






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